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To download the client application, please click on the link below, choose the “Save” option in your browser, and save the client to your local computer. If you prefer to start the installation process right away, please click on the link below and choose the “Open” option in your browser.

File Version: 1.xxxx (Latest Version)
File Size: 524 KB
Platform: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Download File: Streamster™ Installation Package

Download Time < 3 min @ 28.8 kbps, < 2 min @ 57.6 kbps, < 1 min @ ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1.
No Spyware, No Adware, No Malware.
Uninstaller Included.
Option to Minimize to System Tray.

For any inquiries you might have during the client application download, installation or later use, please do not hesitate to contact our support team:

Novativa Streamster™ is a client application you need to download and install on your computer in order to subscribe to and use services provided by Marketiva. When you download and install the application on your local computer, you will be able to access Streamster Server at Marketiva that accepts connections from the client application.

The address of the Streamster Server at Marketiva is:

When you start the client application on your local computer, you will be asked to type-in your username, password and the server address where you want to connect to. You then need to type-in your username and password that you received through the registration process on Web Site. For the server address, please type-in the server address specified above. After a few seconds your client application will connect to the Streamster Server at Marketiva and you will be able to subscribe to and use the services provided by Marketiva.

Open Account.
Open a trading account at Marketiva is easy and free, it takes only 5 minutes, and you even earn $5 cash reward! Open Your Marketiva Account Now!


Dua cara menghasilkan uang gratis dari internet bersama

  1. Buka account, maka anda mendapatkan uang tunai $5, tradingkan sampai untung, maka keuntungan bisa anda tarik.
  2. Buka account, trading di desk virtual (uang mainan), apabila anda menjadi juara bulanan atau tahunan maka anda akan mendapat hadiah uang betulan sebesar $30 untuk master of the month, dan $500 untuk master of the year.

Anda tidak perlu memilih, kedua cara diatas bisa anda jalankan bersamaan untuk menghasilkan uang dari internet. Silakan buka account DiSiNi, dan lengkapi identifikasi dengan cara upload KTP atau Passport atau SIM anda agar nanti hadiahnya bisa anda tarik ke rekening bank atau ecurrency milik anda.

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Download Streamster
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